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Monday, August 22, 2011

EU fails to make resolution so far

It is hard to envisage the markets recovering unless the EU gets its debt obligations in sync. It is very hard to imagine that happening, so we might expect more volatility in the short term. Unless the US overshadows these events of course with more quantitative easing. Don't see this happening though; unless equity markets slide.
Andrew Sheldon

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fed decision - what does it mean?

The Fed has said that it will freeze interest rates for 2 years. Whilst this can be considered a measure to give the market confidence; the question has to be asked, is the measure reasonable, or just another scam to suck in long suffering taxpayers and investors. Consider that 3 Fed governors rejected the idea. Three does not make a majority; but it strikes me as ludicrous that these governors would commit to such an arbitrary policy. This is all 'illusionary'. It strikes me as a rather desperate measure to commit to something that one has no necessary intention to keep. i.e. Ben Bernacke is not Santa. He is allowed to keep his promises. More worrisome is the fact that its not clear to me that the majority of other Fed governors have committed to the freeze.
In any respect, they are bankers. I would sooner believe in Santa than the promises of a Fed chair? Will the market buy this? I doubt it. This is why the doubt remains in the market. The market might be volatile if the Fed does not step in and clarify. Ben - Stop playing silly buggers with my money. Oh, its ok, I'm holding gold!
Andrew Sheldon

Market about to recover - Australian market leads

Here is a statistic for you. In the last 5 days some $4.5 trillion was wiped off the value of global equities. That is despite the value of all Italian debt being just $3 trillion. Of course, there is also the debt of the US, which would be another $14 trillion.
Of course a great deal of that debt is actually sensible and sustainable, i.e. Not requiring any bail out. We might then ask whether there is a need for equities to fall further. The answer is a resounding nope. Expect a recovery. The signs are there. The US Dow Jones index closed at its lows. I expect this will be its double-bottom, and the market will gap up tonight.
We might expect gold to fall, so people should shift from gold producers to explorers, as confidence rebuilds. Ready for another rally. Will it require more Fed stimulus? Yes, probably to give it some momentum or sustainability.
Andrew Sheldon

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Gold stocks will shine!

Gold stocks are all the rage at the moment, and the Australian market makes a lot of sense for several reasons:
1. High levels of household indebtedness mean there are political reasons for the govt to keep the Overnight Cash Rate low
2. The subdued industrial demand for commodities means the currency is going to be weaker than otherwise would be the case; though not so bad to effect confidence.
3. Gold prices are $1750; probably have downside, but are otherwise going to $2400/oz

The question then is - what to buy?
There are of course high-priced gold producers, but can also look at explorers. Why? Gold explorers need confidence, and with confidence restored by the Fed, there is a good chance for another rally. This is all in accordance with our 5-year plan, i.e. A 'sideways' market, where you have to trade in & out, and otherwise simply hold gold or gold stocks otherwise.
When the Dow approaches previous highs, you sell the explorers, unless they are close to production, i.e. They have finance. You can keep doing that until gold approaches $2400/oz.
We recommend a number of explorers at our specs blog, and we offer a 2nd edition ebook to help you buy the right ones.
These are the perfect conditions for gold; low interest rates, subdued or negative growth and monetary debasement. Low confidence adds to its charm.
Andrew Sheldon

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